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About us

Our Philosophy

Agrivilla i pini was ecologically renovated in 2018 with sustainable and healthy living materials to preserve the old and revive the new. Connecting humans, the building, nature and the environment. Full of love for details and naturalness, but without splendour nor perfection. You will find antique wooden furniture, handmade by Tuscan carpenters. Furniture that tells stories from back in the days. Bathrooms out of clay. Organic soap for hair and body. No plastic. Everything made in Tuscany, everything made by real hands. From the handwoven linen used in the rooms up to the designer lustres found on the ceilings. Chalk walls sprinkled with organic rice husk providing a healthy sleep. Solar cells for warm water and sustainable sources for electricity. Biodegradable cleaning products, air dried laundry. Be inspired by the Tuscan landscape, just like the great minds and poets from the ancient days.

i pini is not a place that you just randomly stumble upon. The small vegan Agrivilla wants to be discovered, far away from the bustling streets of the old town center of San Gimignano. Off the beaten track from tourists that seek their way through the narrow alleys. Tucked away on a small hill. Quiet, close to nature, pristine. i pini is a place where time has stopped. Once you pass the majestic entrance gate beneath the high growing pine trees you sense that you will spend blissful days in an extraordinary place.

Hard to Find, Hard to Forget

Agrivilla I Pini is not a place you stumble upon by accident - we are a well kept secret but our guests end up here with intention. Sometimes we hear that the gravel road that leads to i pini will test your patience. But the best places are sometimes the ones that are difficult to reach, aren’t they? And that’s Tuscany- we can’t change that, and we wouldn’t want to anyway.

``Time here stops. Get back in touch with your soul and your inner self.``

Franziska & Benjamin Posch - Founders of Agrivilla i pini & Vegan Hotel La Vimea