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Tuscany is wine. Obviously. And at i pini you are automatically part of our wine making family crafting harmonious, quality wines embodying their regional origin. Everything without added chemicals since we see it as our mission to give our environment a future.

Our biotique winery i pini which is located close to San Gimignano thrives on soil with fossil remnants and covers an area of about 5 hectar. We only cultivate grape wines on limescale deposits that are older than half of a century. All our wines are rich in taste and 100% vegan and organic.

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We love our vineyard in the heart of Tuscany, whose moods sometimes sets us in defiance but most of the times surprises us gratefully with joy. We accompany each wine through the seasons. From the soft grapevine pruning at decreasing moon, to the empowerment of its immune system in spring and the ventilation of the leaves in summer to the grape harvest including its green manuring in autumn. By hand. Of course.

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A splendid wine needs people – those that revive it, followed by those that enjoy it. With that being said all our i pini wines can be taken back home. Of course at fair prices so that the joy of your Tuscany vacation lasts a little longer.