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Our Philosopy

Pristine and honest

The Agrivilla i pini is not a place that you just randomly stumble upon. The small vegan winery wants to be discovered, far away from the bustling streets of the old town center of San Gimignano. Off the beaten track from tourists that seek their way through the narrow alleys. Tucked away on a small hill. Quiet, close to nature, pristine. A place where time has stopped. Once you pass the majestic entrance gate beneath the high growing pine trees you sense that you will spend your days stressless in a place that makes you feel like home.

Sometimes we hear that the dusty road that leads there will test your patience. But the best places are hard to reach, aren’t they? And that’s Tuscany! We can’t change that, and we wouldn’t want to anyways. This is what gives this place its charm.

Our job on the vineyard is as challenging and unique as that dusty road. Our approach to natural farming can be so wonderfully multifarious. Including you, our lovely guests that we want to make feel at home. We would love to tell you more stories about i pini, our variety of quality wines which are gratefully filled into their bottle by the moon itself.

Maybe you want to experience our lively vineyard or even lend us a hand during our grape harvest in September? We also recommend May as a good month to travel, since it is cherry season and you can watch them growing at i pini waiting to be picked and eaten. Whereas summer brings apricots, black berries and figs. All of high quality. All natural without any use of pesticides.

The Agrivilla i pini has been renovated in winter of 2018 taking environmental building principles into account with the idea to preserve the old and revive the new. Connecting human, house, nature and environment. This is consistency. And not only since i pini is a protected heritage. During the renovation the rustic Agrivilla relived its second spring. Just like an organ the building regulates the humidity and heat in the interior. One feels comfortable no matter which time of the year.

A comfortable feel is created since with your stay you also support the public interest: regional, untreated materials, passionate handwork from real people and small enterprises from the region. You won’t find serial production but only unique pieces telling a story while making one reflective.

And transparency, since this is important for us:
Ecologically friendly insulated roof featuring adobe, chalk, hemp and rice fibre
Breathing walls created with organic rice husks.
Careful refurbished tuscan antique furniture from the 17th to the 19th century
Art déco wooden doors featuring iron fittings from ancient periods
Clay bathrooms featuring antique mirrors
Hand-sewn linen shower curtains
Ecologically chilled/warmed rooms instead of air condition
Soft handmade terracotta floors
Natural, extra large tencel fibre blankets
Hand woven linen fabrics for an elegant sleep
Biodegradable mattresses including ethereal oils
Organic FAIRTRADE cotton towels
Vegan, cruelty – free, organic soap for hair and skin instead of plastic tubes
Handcrafted designer lamps from Tuscany
Regional Carrara marble for the noble restaurant
Unique handmade hangers
Parasols made by mediterranean straw
Sunchairs made by tuscan carpenters
Outdoor seating and sun beds made of responsibly managed forests (FSC-wood)

i pini in San Gimignano is a wonderfully vegan place. Join us to shape it.