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Our organic garden: Inspirations for quality, flavour, and health

Visit our organic garden, and you’ll find fruits, vegetables and plenty of herbs thriving on our lively soil. We cultivate our own plants and use organic seeds like the ancient days and find pleasure in intense flavours of fruits that bring us back to our childhood. This is a special place where four seasons still exist. In spring, there is watercress, spring onions, starweed, cherries, and rosemary. In summer, you’ll find tomatoes, zucchini, peppers, eggplant, swiss chard and melons, that come in all different colours and shapes. The later season features sweet figs, plums and blackberries. Fall is flavoured by pumpkins, grapes and tuscan kale. In winter, we make sure to create some tranquility and let the cosmic impulses act for themselves and our garden becomes quiet and dormant in anticipation for the next spring bloom.


Our synergic agricultural garden is a safe haven which invites one to tinker, explore and experiment. Phases of the moon, permaculture, friendships amongst plants, humus retention basins, sting nettle slurry and horsetail to empower the immune system, self grown micro – organisms, straw covered patches shaped in hooves. Additionally stone terraces protect from wind and weather, this is what wild, mediterranean herbs love. With spending your vacation at i pini you support the wide variety of species that we have here. We cultivate forgotten fruit and vegetable rarities to avoid their extinction. These grow on fossil clay soil, where ground covering, compost and crop rotation preserve and increase its fertility. Irrigation is always done with the right moon phase, that saves resources and strengthens the immunity of the plants. Accordingly we gather rain water in a big tank to release them one drop at a time. Our colourful garden is full of intercropping and insects and to work there is usually a lot of fun.


When you take a handful of soil from our patch, you will hold the world in your hands. Here, animals, plants, and humans all interact and exist together peacefully. Each microbe too has its place. For us, there are no weeds, just wild herbs. We learn daily from nature while observing it. Thinking in contexts and correlation. This brings hope, balance, and intention.


How does this work? It’s quite simple actually - we didn’t bring the bees, but rather the bee families found Agrivilla i pini in June 2016, and we have hosted them ever since. So, we gave them their very own home! Bees all over the world are becoming further threatened from pesticides and monocultures in the past years. We believe the honey belongs to the bees, so we leave it for them. On 14 hectares of land, we have created hotels for insects and shelter for bees, bats and butterflies, since all of them are very important for our environment and ultimately for us human beings. We live alongside them and nurture them just like we nurture each other.