100% VEGAN


Even if you are not living at Agrivilla i pini, you can still visit our restaurant, which is open from April until October. Seats are limited so preferably you reserve your table in advance. Private, free parking can be found upfront the house.

The restaurant of the Agrivilla i pini stands for a vegan natural cuisine. Our dishes are created straight from the garden to the plate. Carefully prepared by creative minds, every ingredient to the right time and never left to chance. The meals? So colourful as the seasons. The recipes? From the past. Interpreted in a modern way.


08.00 – 10.00
We love the smell of freshly brewed coffee, which slowly pours from the Italian Moka. Homemade plant based spreads, high quality vegetables, colourful fruit salad, crunchy oven baked bread and vegan cakes. For a special day, which every day should be.
Euro 27,00 per person

12.30 – 14.00 on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday
Be inspired for lunch by our chef who serves mediterranean hand made pasta. Italian risotto. Or crispy salads including sun ripened tomatoes straight from the garden. Thus you can walk easily through the vineyard before soaking up your favourite book in the shadow of a tree.

19.00 – 20.00 time of beginning
In the evening you deserve to be spoilt. 4 courses. Countless moments. Accompanied by a glass of natural wine, which we press ourselves. Pappa al pomodoro which is known in Tuscany as a farmer’s soup. We also have it here at the Agrivilla – just different. Wrapped up in homemade spelt ravioli. An unforgettable experience of taste. But we do not want to reveal more. Besides the view on the medieval towers of San Gimignano, which enjoyed from our patio are just magical.
Euro 54,00 per person for 4 courses