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In spring we will be there for you again. We are looking forward to encounters with a special depth. To long summer days, which plunge Tuscany into a new beauty. And to the light that shines so abundantly here. At i pini you can breathe freely and allow yourself to be in close connection to Mother Earth.

You will find us nestled among the rolling hills of the historic town of San Gimignano, Tuscany surrounded by pines, vineyards, olive groves and permacultural gardens. Come taste our fully organic and vegan cuisine, dive into the saltwater pool and unwind in our naturally built rooms. Enjoy Tuscany with healing food in a completely relaxed environment, far away from an upside-down Post Covid-19 world and a time of isolation that robs us of clarity. Find bliss, elegance, the luxury of simplicity and grounding. Here we can meet again, share and shape time together.

Our property is 100% committed to environmental consciousness; we are plant-based and eco-friendly from the ground up, inside and out. It is our mission to provide high-class, harmonious, sustainable accommodations.

Book your summer holiday at i pini now and travel light-heartedly. Sun, nature, Tuscany - how magical!


Discover our Rooms and Suites


As a guest of Agrivilla i pini, your visit is inclusive of both a stay in our luxurious rooms as well as both breakfast and dinner in our vegan restaurant.

We stand for healthy vegan, organic and natural cuisine. Our guests and visitors alike may enjoy a meal in our restaurant where breakfast, lunch and dinner are served; all items are vegan, with gluten-free, raw or low sugar options available. Our ingredients are sourced from our gardens and like-minded local organic farms.


Take a dip in our saltwater pool, venture into our permacultural gardens, relax with a restorative meal in our restaurant, or take a mindful walk. Learn to expand your skills on a plant-based cooking class from a local chef, experience a tasting of wines from our own vineyards. Hungry to explore the Tuscan countryside? We’ll help you organize the adventure of a lifetime. Make a day trip to the surrounding towns of Florence, San Gimignano, Montalcino or Siena.

Vegan Agrivilla i pini

Your Plant-Based and Organic Luxury Holiday in Tuscany


At i pini you are at home with food foresters, organic winegrowers, creative plant-based chefs and olive growers. So why not dive deeper into our vegan cuisine and natural agriculture? Our onsite amenities and experiences will rejuvenate your mind, body and soul. Please contact us for further information.